Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings

Unless otherwise discussed/arranged, the deposit should be paid immediately to secure your event date. Failure to do so could result in

loss of the event date. Please advise us if you are not accepting the contract. Once the deposit is paid your event date is secured.

Once payment has been made, please send remittance to 0425709017 or contact@absoluteentertainment.com.au


2. Balance

Unless otherwise discussed/arranged, the total balance should be received by no later than 14 days prior to event. If not recieved by this

time, Absolute Entertainment reserves the right to cancel the event. There are no refunds unless an error in payment has been made.

Once payment has been made, please send remittance to 0425709017 or contact@absoluteentertainment.com.au

NOTE: All payments, Deposits and balances should be received by us any time before the due dates as speci_ed in above contract details

unless otherwise arranged. Overdue accounts incur a late fee of $10 per month or part thereof. Accounts outstanding for over 3 months

will be managed by our collection agency and will incur additional fees. The Customer shall pay the Supplier for all costs incurred by the

Supplier (including costs for which the Supplier may be contingently liable) in any attempt to collect any monies owed by the Customer to

the Supplier under this Agreement including debt collection agent costs, repossession costs, location search costs, process server costs

and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis.

3. Overtime

3a. Overtime is charged in 1 Hour blocks at a rate of $110 including GST.

3b. Payment for overtime is to be paid prior to commencement of the overtime.

3c. Absolute Entertainment has a strict - NO PAY NO PLAY policy, and will not play past booked time(s) if overtime fee is not paid prior to

the overtime commencing.

4. Equipment and Safety

4a. The HIRER agrees to be responsible for harm, loss, or damage of any kind to musician(s)/DJ(s)/Performer(s) person or property/equipment while located at the place of performance.

4b. In the event of unforeseen shut down of the event including, but not limited to:

  • Electrical Failure

  • Potential Damaging Winds

  • Fire Danger Warnings/Evacuations

  • Event Shutdown by Police

  • Riot or Brawl

The event fee WILL NOT be refunded.

5. Photos

The client gives permission for Absolute Entertainment Team Members and Staff to take photos at the event. Unless prior arrangement

has been made the photos will be uploaded to our website/social media and made available for viewing.

6. Access

6a. A minimum space of 2m x 2m is required for the PA setup.

6b. A power point within 5m of the proposed setup location will be required.

6c. If the intended power source is not within 5m of setup, it will be the clients responsibility to provide a suitable extension power lead, or

arrange an alternative setup area

6d. If outdoors, regardless of weather conditions, a well sheltered, weather proof area must be provided.

6e. If a well sheltered, weatherproof area cannot be provided, then an indoor location with dimensions of 2m x 2m (see 6a.) must be provided.

7. Cancellations:

In the event of cancellation:

  • More than 30 days from the performance date; forfeit of Deposit

  • Between 14-30 days from the performance date; 50% of agreed fee will be payable (including deposit)

  • Between 1-14 days from the performance date; The FULL BALANCE of fees will be payable. (including deposit)

8. Entertainer

8a. In the event your assigned entertainer/group is unable to host/perform/attend your function due to unforeseen circumstances, an

alternate entertainer/group will be provided.

8b. Every effort is always made to assign your requested entertainer/group.

9. Refreshments

9a. Access to food and drink must be made available for the entertainer/group at the venue.

9b. A place setting at a table is not mandatory.


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